The bitchy anti-religious minority needs to fek off

I just saw study That 76 percent of people in the United States believe Jesus is the son of god.  They didn’t ask if they were religious or not just if they believed he was the son of god.
Seeing as that many people believe this, Why did some douchebag in a school system in the northeast, decide to make to rename Easter eggs as “Spring Spheres”?
Because he caved in to a religious minority.
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I has a Samsung Epic


I have had the Samsung epic for almost 2 months now, and damn I’m impressed.

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Playstation Move is a pathetic Wii wanna be

I was at best buy this weekend and they had a demo model of the new Playstation Move controller.  So I picked it up and I played the demo of table tennis.  In short… it’s a piece of shit.

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Things that Annoy Me this week – Arizona, Blumenthal, Oil Spills and MORE!

The title says it all, almost.  Not everything annoys me.  Some times I actually LIKE something too.  So I am a tease.  Like a stripper.  I dangle my bits in front of you and make you think you have a chance, but then… FOOM!!!

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Tiger Woods’ Apology – Reading between the lines

Did you watch the spectacle that was the Tiger Woods Apology Press Conference today??  He didn’t say much, so I used my Ouija Board to actually find out what he DIDN’T say, but meant to…

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These Hefty Bags are AWESOME! Yes, I said HEFTY BAGS ARE AWESOME! You want to fight about it??

I know that people don’t usually get all “WTFOMGTHISISTHEMOSTAWESOMESTTHINGEVER!!11!!!1!#7!!!!!!!!9” about freaking Garbage Bags, but I am going to any way.

Deal with it.

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Haiti: Bringing the hypocrites out of the woodwork

As we all know, on Tuesday January 12, 2010 a devastating Earthquake of 7.0 on the Richter scale pretty much destroyed Haiti and killed 150,000+ people.  On Wednesday January 13, 2010… The hypocrites in the entertainment industry crawled out from under their rocks and started the faux weeping train and fund raising for the victims.

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Tiger Woods: The reason why we should NOT look up to celebrities

Let me start out by saying this:  Tiger Woods is a piece of crap.

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Old gravely voice women in commercials

I have noticed that a lot of gravely voiced old women are in commercials these days.  WTF?

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The Prisoner on AMC – A new mini-series let down

Let me get this out of the way first… I am NOT going to compare this to the old Prisoner series.  There is no point.  It is the same show in name only.  Kind of like the new Battlestar Galactica was a totally different show from the old Battlestar except for the names.

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